Team of the year BPL

6 Chelsea players cover the 11 and it is hard to argue with their inclusion, some people are talking about why Aguero isn’t in the team and Costa is. Costa had helped Chelsea to potentially 2 pieces of silverware. Compare that to Aguero who has got nowhere this season with his team, unless you count the Top 4 as a trophy (like Arsenal fans.)

The other potential controversy is the omission of another Chelsea player in Fabregas, who has a record high 16 assists in the Premier League this season. Instead Liverpool’s Coutinho has made the spot based on the memorable performances he had this season. Though other than a couple of cracking goals, he’s not done much else this season in comparison to Fabregas when it comes to assists. I guess they thought having 7 Chelsea players is too much to ask for them.

My final thought is the position of left-back which is a little ironic given that Ryan Bertrand left to go on loan to Southampton where he has hugely impressed and made it into the team of the year.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Azpilicueta is the best left-back in Europe, nothing gets past him and he is just fantastic, however Bertrand perhaps gets forward slightly more and has provided a number of assists this season, so well done to him!


2 thoughts on “Team of the year BPL

  1. I don’t agree with Cahill in the team of the year – slow, indecisive and gets carried by a great chelsea team and exceptional goalkeeper. Having said that, I’m not too sure who would replace him in the team….

    Great blog and look forward to reading more. Good to meet you in Leeds last week at conference.

    Dave Niblock

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