What Raheem Sterling is really worth?

Now the last few months there has been a lot of speculation about Raheem Sterling leaving Liverpool FC to join a new club.

Some people question his true value. We all know that Sterling is a great player with heaps of potential left. He was fantastic in 2013-14 but this past season with Daniel Sturridge injuries and Luis Suarez packing his bags for Barcelona he has under performed and not lived up to his name. This shows he needs good players around him to play well. This is not a good trait to have.

Multiple clubs have chased Raheem this summer including links from Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal. However the only team to have made an official bid is Man City – their first offer was 25million pounds later rejected so they increased to 40million pounds, also rejected. Liverpool indicated they wanted 50million big ones for the youngster, Man City are reviewing the offer and will most likely make that bid.

Personally I dislike it when young English players who grow at a lower-sided club and then move on straight away to a top four club. For example Jack Rodwell. Sterling came to Liverpool from QPR four years ago. He’s joined Liverpool a good, well- known club and has then been greedy and is only thinking about money. Sure, he would want to play in the Champions league (which is understandable) but first he needs to focus on improving as a player.

At the end of the day he is over-priced, if you look at Sanchez for example Arsenal purchased him for around 32million pounds and then if you look back at Sterling you would have to tell yourself that Sanchez is a better player.

If there was a price tag for Raheem Sterling I would price him 20-25million pounds.


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