Who I would love to at Anfield

This summer has been full of some quality purchases for Liverpool, including Firmino, Milner, Clyne and Ings. There is lots of gossip about other players joining the club as well, but I have three players who I would really want to join the club this year.

1.) Radja Nainggolan (CDM/CM)

Nainggolan was rumored to the club about a month back, he is a perfect fit with the legend Stevie G leaving, James Milner did say he wants to fill Gerrard’s role in central-midfield but to be honest i think he would help us down the wings. Radja currently plays for Roma, this season he has got a bag of goals which is average for a midfielder, but were not looking for midfield goals, we need assists and good passing accuracy from our midfield men. He has many assists which is good and what we need Radja is 27 years old so he would have a while at Anfield if he played well. He was Roma’s surprise player last year, he covers what a player in his position needs.

Price: 18.5-25million euros.

2.) Christian Benteke (ST)

Sure Benteke’s release clause is a little heft but he told Villa he wants to and needs to leave and has also said he would rather Liverpool then Spurs, he is a strong player and fast as well he holds the ball up perfectly which is great so players like Lallana and Coutinho and new boy Firmino can get in behind the defense for a simple lay on. Benteke is a Belgium international (like Mignolet and Nainggolan if he joins) Benteke played around half of the season for Aston Villa because of injury’s but good news he doesn’t seem to prone to injury’s so he could either play alongside Sturridge or if Sturridge is injured he could play as a lone-striker, like he does for Villa, I think Benteke would shine at LFC.

Price: 20-32.5million pounds.

3.) Sergio Romero (GK)

Sergio Romero is not a must-need player,he is a very good able keeper, he is an Argentinian first team keeper and is young for a keeper he has a lot of potential and would not cost the world, if he plays well he could replace Mignolet and start, but also if Mignolet is in bad form then he would play there as well. Brad Jones is not a great keeper in my opinion he is ok but needs lots of development for time to improve, I think he needs to leave. Romero would be great in-between the sticks for LFC and lots of rumors but i hope this deal can be possible.

Price: 12-16.5million euros.


Bundesliga transfers part 5 of 5


Bayern Munich: Costa and Marchisio

Douglas Costa is a classy, pacey forward who has started to play in the Brazil squad as well he is young and has a great strike on him.

Marchisio is a well-known player who has all the attributes you need to hold the midfield and if Bayern had him they would improve massively.

Borussia Dortmund: Volland and Geis

Kevin Volland is a good player he can play anywhere from the wing to striker, he is still quite young so could develop even if he wasn’t picked every game for Borussia.

Wolfsburg: Manzukic and Salah

Manzukic has lost his form recently but an alright loan spell with Athletico Madrid showed he can still score many goals, he would be a crucial role at Wolfsburg as their strikers are not world-class.

Salah is a really fast player, he has good control over the ball and a good first touch to get him in behind the defenders. If Wolfsburg sell De Bruyne he would replace him very well.

I don’t plan on doing this kind of series again, but if you liked them tell me and I can continue.


BBVA transfers part 4 of 5


Barcelona: Gundagon and Vidal

Gundagon is a very talented player from Turkey, he dominates midfield with his skill and dribbling, he would be around the price of 25.5 million, but worth it if in form.

Aturo Vidal is a world-class midfielder who can boost Barca’s attack force as well, he would fit right in and replace the retiring Xavi.

Real Madrid: Veratti and De Gea

Marco is a young, small maestro but can also dominate his are on the field his passing awareness is brilliant and he would fit in well with Modric and Kroos.

Madrid are looking out for a keeper and their main target is De Gea, he is a brilliant shot stopper and proved to be handy and can change a game with a good game.

Athletico Madrid: Callejon and Cazorla

Callejon is one of the less talked about players but playing for Napoli Dan playing well he should get a truck load of recognition, his free kicks are lethal.

Cazorla has played well for Arsenal but not well enough, it’s tough being int eh position he’s in at the moment so a change of club to his born nation could help the player improve.


Ligue 1 transfers part 3 of 5

Ligue 1:

PSG: Toure and Di Maria

Yaya Toure has not forgiven City for forgetting his birthday:) so he does not want to remain there, and PSG seem like the only club that interested and can afford him. But he is a master at set-pieces.

Di Maria was a record-breaking signing in the BPL last season, he started well but has been awful since he can improve but i don’t the BPL is right for him.

Marseille: Gueye and Skrtel

Gueye is a young player who has lots of pace and was a surprise player last season he has proved a good player and can use he skills form good at Marseille.

Skrtel is such a strong player, he is talented at headers with clearances and scoring opportunities as well, it would be sad to see him leave Liverpool, but a bargain for the big French side.

Monaco: Llorente and Rafael

Llorente is a good player who is not the youngest but still has a little youth to his side, he is a goal poacher, but not in a bad way and a clinical finisher which is just what you want for a player who lyes inside the box.

Rafael has been out of favor at United and could well end up at Monaco very soon. He can score and overlaps constantly, exactly what you want from a full-back.


Serie A transfers part 2 of 5

Serie A:

AC Milan: Adriano and Bacca

Luiz Adriano is a talented player maybe unrecognized at the beginning of last season but fantastic form in the Champions League was a key role to his identity, he has an eye for the net.

Carlos is a target for a few other clubs but AC Milan lead the chase, he is a great striker who can finish like a charm, almost scoring every other game in the Spanish league BBVA.

Inter Milan: Jovetic and Kondogbia

Steven Jovetic is a good striker keen to play his best like all players, Jovetic has struggled to get into the Man City’s starting line-up but is keen to play.

Kondogbia is a good young cdm who performed well against Arsenal in the UCL, he can strike the ball well and is strong on the ball.

Juventus: Lamela and Oscar

Young Erik Lamela is a good trickster, who is good at set-pieces but struggling to find form at Spurs, he would fit well at Juventus.

Oscar also is struggling for first team football, but we know he is a really good player, he has developed in the BPL but can prove his quality in Serie A.

Roma: Cabaye and Dzeko

Yohan Cabaye is a controlled centre-midfielder who is a long ranged passer, no surprise but he doesn’t get picked for the PSG lineup,so why not move to a smaller club like Roma where he would start.

Edin Dzeko has proved he is a great striker at City but recent performances demoted his squad role, Roma are the perfect fit for this lethal striker.


Potential Transfers and useful transfers Premier League part 1 of 5

This July the official transfer window opened, it allows teams all over europe to purchase whom they wish if agreed with the other club. I will tell you about good potential transfers from high rated clubs from all over Europe. Sorry if you are a fan of a club i have not chosen, if so tell me who you support and i will add a part 2.

Premier League:

Arsenal: Benzema and Laporte

Benzema looks slightly out of favour at Real at the moment but is still a world-class striker.

Laporte, you might not of heard of but he is a young defensive threat, he is a French international and is a future star, currently playing for Athletic Bilbao.

Chelsea: Bale and Turan

Bale is a fantastic world record-breaking signing, there has been lots of gossip about Bale not playing well and leaving Madrid, i think it’s unlikely but could happen because of all the money Chelsea have.

Turan’s agent and himself have both said they would like to move to Chelsea, this deal is getting closer by the minute, and would be a brilliant signing.

Liverpool: Higuian and Nainggolan

Higuian is a talented player and would cost a lot of money but with Liverpool willing to spend and with the striker on top form it would feel stupid not to.

Nainggolan is a talented midfielder with a great playing technique, he has all the traits and would not cost Liverpool any more than twenty-million.

Manchester United: Ramos and Carvalho

Sergio Ramos is one of the world’s top defenders, he is experienced and won the Champions League with Real Madrid, he would fit perfectly in United’s shaky defensive line-up.

Young William Carvalho is a very strong, powerful cdm. Currently playing for Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon, he would be a star in England and although interest from Liverpool he would fit well in Manchester red.

Manchester City: Pogba and Sterling

Paul Pogba is a midfield legend, he can tackle, shoot and pass very well at his young age, he is a rising star and when he was younger Man-U released him so it would be perfect pay back o join their rivals.

Raheem Sterling is a talented young player from England he is confident enough to play for the big teams and can work well with big names around him, but his price tag is ridiculous.

In my next parts i will share the same opinions with clubs from Serie A, BBVA, Bundesliga and Ligue 1


Why Liverpool were smart to keep Rodgers

The end of Liverpool’s 2014/15 season ended horribly, half way through the season we were knocked out of the Champions League group stage, then we went to the Europa League and got knocked out there as well. The final fixture of the BPL season was against Stoke and…. we lost 6-1. Not good and then speculation about Rodgers being sacked by Liverpool, after a meeting with the owners they decided Brendan would stay.

Last season was disappointing for Liverpool compared to the previous season. It was always going to be hard to challenge for the title again with Sturridge injuries, Suarez leaving & Sterling’s bad form. I thought Rodgers would always have a hard time, but it didn’t go as good as i thought i thought we would get Champions League and would of definitely thought we could of got Europa League.

Rodgers brought in the players he needed at before the season they looked to be great, positive signings that would influence the squad after Suarez left, we purchased players like Lambert, Lalana, Markovic, Manquillo on loan for two years who we might terminate his loan, Toure, Moreno and Balotelli. However the only player who i think made a contribution to the season was Moreno, and he was only good for the first couple games.

This transfer window opened and straight away in the first month Brendan bought, Clyne, Bogdan, Firmino, Gomez, Ings and Milner, these are all decent purchases but because he bought them at the beginning of the window he has more time to work with them for the team that’s what was wrong with last season Rodgers had smartly noticed this and changed his tactics.

I like Brendan Rodgers and think he is a great manager and want him to stay at Liverpool for a while, but if we had an opportunity like Ancelotti or Klopp i would prefer them because there more experienced.