Why Liverpool were smart to keep Rodgers

The end of Liverpool’s 2014/15 season ended horribly, half way through the season we were knocked out of the Champions League group stage, then we went to the Europa League and got knocked out there as well. The final fixture of the BPL season was against Stoke and…. we lost 6-1. Not good and then speculation about Rodgers being sacked by Liverpool, after a meeting with the owners they decided Brendan would stay.

Last season was disappointing for Liverpool compared to the previous season. It was always going to be hard to challenge for the title again with Sturridge injuries, Suarez leaving & Sterling’s bad form. I thought Rodgers would always have a hard time, but it didn’t go as good as i thought i thought we would get Champions League and would of definitely thought we could of got Europa League.

Rodgers brought in the players he needed at before the season they looked to be great, positive signings that would influence the squad after Suarez left, we purchased players like Lambert, Lalana, Markovic, Manquillo on loan for two years who we might terminate his loan, Toure, Moreno and Balotelli. However the only player who i think made a contribution to the season was Moreno, and he was only good for the first couple games.

This transfer window opened and straight away in the first month Brendan bought, Clyne, Bogdan, Firmino, Gomez, Ings and Milner, these are all decent purchases but because he bought them at the beginning of the window he has more time to work with them for the team that’s what was wrong with last season Rodgers had smartly noticed this and changed his tactics.

I like Brendan Rodgers and think he is a great manager and want him to stay at Liverpool for a while, but if we had an opportunity like Ancelotti or Klopp i would prefer them because there more experienced.


8 thoughts on “Why Liverpool were smart to keep Rodgers

  1. I agree. As a Liverpool fan, I was frustrated with Rodgers for the most part of last season and even wanted him gone at some point. But the truth is, most of our criticisms of his signings were based on the benefit of hindsight. I remember when he signed those players, a lot of fans thought they were great buys, but when things went wrong everyone acted like they’d seen it coming. The good thing is, the team has acted early and gotten most of the players Rodgers really wants this time, so there’ll be no excuses next season.

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  2. Honestly, I think we only need to sign a striker like Lacazette, and make adjustments with the team we already have. For example, move Emre Can to defensive midfield and keep Lucas Leiva as his backup. We already have like a billion attacking midfielders so we’re covered there. With the squad we already have, all that is needed is a good formation and we can challenge seriously for UCL next year.

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