Serie A transfers part 2 of 5

Serie A:

AC Milan: Adriano and Bacca

Luiz Adriano is a talented player maybe unrecognized at the beginning of last season but fantastic form in the Champions League was a key role to his identity, he has an eye for the net.

Carlos is a target for a few other clubs but AC Milan lead the chase, he is a great striker who can finish like a charm, almost scoring every other game in the Spanish league BBVA.

Inter Milan: Jovetic and Kondogbia

Steven Jovetic is a good striker keen to play his best like all players, Jovetic has struggled to get into the Man City’s starting line-up but is keen to play.

Kondogbia is a good young cdm who performed well against Arsenal in the UCL, he can strike the ball well and is strong on the ball.

Juventus: Lamela and Oscar

Young Erik Lamela is a good trickster, who is good at set-pieces but struggling to find form at Spurs, he would fit well at Juventus.

Oscar also is struggling for first team football, but we know he is a really good player, he has developed in the BPL but can prove his quality in Serie A.

Roma: Cabaye and Dzeko

Yohan Cabaye is a controlled centre-midfielder who is a long ranged passer, no surprise but he doesn’t get picked for the PSG lineup,so why not move to a smaller club like Roma where he would start.

Edin Dzeko has proved he is a great striker at City but recent performances demoted his squad role, Roma are the perfect fit for this lethal striker.


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