BBVA transfers part 4 of 5


Barcelona: Gundagon and Vidal

Gundagon is a very talented player from Turkey, he dominates midfield with his skill and dribbling, he would be around the price of 25.5 million, but worth it if in form.

Aturo Vidal is a world-class midfielder who can boost Barca’s attack force as well, he would fit right in and replace the retiring Xavi.

Real Madrid: Veratti and De Gea

Marco is a young, small maestro but can also dominate his are on the field his passing awareness is brilliant and he would fit in well with Modric and Kroos.

Madrid are looking out for a keeper and their main target is De Gea, he is a brilliant shot stopper and proved to be handy and can change a game with a good game.

Athletico Madrid: Callejon and Cazorla

Callejon is one of the less talked about players but playing for Napoli Dan playing well he should get a truck load of recognition, his free kicks are lethal.

Cazorla has played well for Arsenal but not well enough, it’s tough being int eh position he’s in at the moment so a change of club to his born nation could help the player improve.


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