Ligue 1 transfers part 3 of 5

Ligue 1:

PSG: Toure and Di Maria

Yaya Toure has not forgiven City for forgetting his birthday:) so he does not want to remain there, and PSG seem like the only club that interested and can afford him. But he is a master at set-pieces.

Di Maria was a record-breaking signing in the BPL last season, he started well but has been awful since he can improve but i don’t the BPL is right for him.

Marseille: Gueye and Skrtel

Gueye is a young player who has lots of pace and was a surprise player last season he has proved a good player and can use he skills form good at Marseille.

Skrtel is such a strong player, he is talented at headers with clearances and scoring opportunities as well, it would be sad to see him leave Liverpool, but a bargain for the big French side.

Monaco: Llorente and Rafael

Llorente is a good player who is not the youngest but still has a little youth to his side, he is a goal poacher, but not in a bad way and a clinical finisher which is just what you want for a player who lyes inside the box.

Rafael has been out of favor at United and could well end up at Monaco very soon. He can score and overlaps constantly, exactly what you want from a full-back.


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