Potential Transfers and useful transfers Premier League part 1 of 5

This July the official transfer window opened, it allows teams all over europe to purchase whom they wish if agreed with the other club. I will tell you about good potential transfers from high rated clubs from all over Europe. Sorry if you are a fan of a club i have not chosen, if so tell me who you support and i will add a part 2.

Premier League:

Arsenal: Benzema and Laporte

Benzema looks slightly out of favour at Real at the moment but is still a world-class striker.

Laporte, you might not of heard of but he is a young defensive threat, he is a French international and is a future star, currently playing for Athletic Bilbao.

Chelsea: Bale and Turan

Bale is a fantastic world record-breaking signing, there has been lots of gossip about Bale not playing well and leaving Madrid, i think it’s unlikely but could happen because of all the money Chelsea have.

Turan’s agent and himself have both said they would like to move to Chelsea, this deal is getting closer by the minute, and would be a brilliant signing.

Liverpool: Higuian and Nainggolan

Higuian is a talented player and would cost a lot of money but with Liverpool willing to spend and with the striker on top form it would feel stupid not to.

Nainggolan is a talented midfielder with a great playing technique, he has all the traits and would not cost Liverpool any more than twenty-million.

Manchester United: Ramos and Carvalho

Sergio Ramos is one of the world’s top defenders, he is experienced and won the Champions League with Real Madrid, he would fit perfectly in United’s shaky defensive line-up.

Young William Carvalho is a very strong, powerful cdm. Currently playing for Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon, he would be a star in England and although interest from Liverpool he would fit well in Manchester red.

Manchester City: Pogba and Sterling

Paul Pogba is a midfield legend, he can tackle, shoot and pass very well at his young age, he is a rising star and when he was younger Man-U released him so it would be perfect pay back o join their rivals.

Raheem Sterling is a talented young player from England he is confident enough to play for the big teams and can work well with big names around him, but his price tag is ridiculous.

In my next parts i will share the same opinions with clubs from Serie A, BBVA, Bundesliga and Ligue 1


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