Bundesliga transfers part 5 of 5


Bayern Munich: Costa and Marchisio

Douglas Costa is a classy, pacey forward who has started to play in the Brazil squad as well he is young and has a great strike on him.

Marchisio is a well-known player who has all the attributes you need to hold the midfield and if Bayern had him they would improve massively.

Borussia Dortmund: Volland and Geis

Kevin Volland is a good player he can play anywhere from the wing to striker, he is still quite young so could develop even if he wasn’t picked every game for Borussia.

Wolfsburg: Manzukic and Salah

Manzukic has lost his form recently but an alright loan spell with Athletico Madrid showed he can still score many goals, he would be a crucial role at Wolfsburg as their strikers are not world-class.

Salah is a really fast player, he has good control over the ball and a good first touch to get him in behind the defenders. If Wolfsburg sell De Bruyne he would replace him very well.

I don’t plan on doing this kind of series again, but if you liked them tell me and I can continue.


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