Chelsea: Winners Of The Premier League

This campaign of the 2014/15 Premier League season is not over yet, clubs still fighting for safety. However with a few games remaining Chelsea have won the league and have dominated it. Is it down to Chelsea’s defense, midfielders, strikers or the manager and the coaching staff?

Chelsea has executed the game of football to perfection this season and under pressure with new manager Jose Mourinho they have inherited a new style of play. Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world if not the best. With smart, crucial decisions that pay off and how managers earn their money.

Chelsea’s defenders have been well disciplined this season from clean sheets, great saves, and goal-line clearances and scoring from set pieces. Terry and Ivanovic has been great chipping in with a few goals and assists each.

The midfielders of Chelsea this season have been brilliant, new signing Fabregas has scored a couple of goals and a lot of assists. Matic is on brilliant form and was included in the team of the year he has scored some goals but helped sit in front of the defense as well.

Chelsea’s strikers have contributed well to the season especially Costa. He was injured for a while but still high up in the top scorers list. Players like Remy and Drogba have not played as many games but have also helped the side to achieve their goal.

Well done Chelsea. But next season it won’t be as easy as you think!


5 thoughts on “Chelsea: Winners Of The Premier League

  1. Hey Noah. Enjoying reading your blog!
    Fair play to Chelsea this season – they are definitely worthy winners! I think a lot of credit to Mourinho – he realised after last season he needed quality in midfield & a striker to score goals and he went out quickly and signed Costa & Fabregas who have had great seasons respectively! Still prefer the way City won it in 2012 & 2014… You can’t beat the excitement of that Aguero moment!
    Will be interesting to see what happens in the summer and hopefully next season will be a lot closer.
    Would be interested to get your thoughts on Liverpool!

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  2. As an Arsenal fan, it hurts to say this, but Chelsea is definitely the most balanced team in the Premiership.

    Like you mentioned, Chelsea’s defense was stable but also played scrappy to keep clean sheets. If Chelsea needed goals, they had the firepower and guile to go on the attack. This grittiness to get results is something that Jose Mourinho has been able to instill in all of his clubs, and that is what makes him and his teams successful.

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  3. hey noah, now that the premier league season has come to a close, and with the champions league final next on the agenda, i’d be interested to get your take on why english teams have had such a difficult time in europe recently.


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